Negin saffron


Negin saffron

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Discover the priceless treasure of ancient Persia with our Neguine Saffron, the rare and prestigious red gold of spices! 

Coming from the upper part of the crocus stigma, our “neguine” saffron is adorned with a vibrant ruby ​​red, a symbol of exceptional quality. One gram of this precious saffron is enough to perfume an entire room, and you will need around 80 pistils to obtain this exceptional gram.

After a search of more than a year, we finally found this exceptional saffron, worthy of Iranian culture and its thousand-year-old history. Precious as a pearl, this saffron evokes the rich exchanges of the Silk Road, where it served as currency.


1g of authentic neguine saffron

Tasting Tips

Neguine Saffron is used in cooking for its aroma and also to color dishes. Like saffron rice cakes in Iran served with chicken, barberries and saffron sauce (zerechk polo ba molr).

History of the recipe

This requires meticulous know-how; picking red gold requires extreme attention to detail. Added to this is a very short picking time because the saffron flower, the crocus, only blooms around twenty days a year.

Authentic Flavors

Our preparations are made from fruits selected at perfect maturity, thus offering natural and authentic flavors, preserving the freshness and the very essence of the ingredients.

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