Our average delivery times are 5 to 7 working days.
For some products, we deliver in less than a week.
To avoid high storage and labor costs, we work directly with our producers and therefore have no intermediary, this allows us to offer you really advantageous prices compared to what you could have in a physical store.

We deliver worldwide, and our delivery costs are FREE.

Our company is French. We ship our packages directly from our producers located in France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Asia. 

Your items are delivered through your local postal service.
Items are delivered according to the terms and conditions of your local post office.

Your package will be delivered directly to the post office closest to your home

Don't panic, if your order hasn't been sent yet, contact us immediately and we will be happy to update your information. Otherwise and in accordance with our general conditions of sale, once an order has been sent from our warehouse, no further modifications can be made.

We work with several suppliers, when you place an order, each supplier takes care of a particular product. If you order 5 different items, you will therefore receive 5 different packages and these will arrive at different times (some will be faster, others slower). On the other hand, if you order the same product 3 times, then they will all be sent in 1 package.

Once this action has been completed, validate your selection by clicking on “Payment”. The payment page will open and you can take full advantage of this offer by entering the code, which will automatically apply the discount.

Example: A promotion is available on the “Product A purchased, Product B free” site with the code “PROMO”. I select the desired Product A as well as Product B which corresponds to a predefined selection of articles. Both items are present in my basket and I can click on the “Payment” button and enter my “PROMO” code in the next step.