Mirabelle Pistachio Saffron Jam
Mirabelle Pistachio Saffron Jam
Mirabelle Pistachio Saffron Jam


Mirabelle Pistachio Saffron Jam

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This pot of artisanal jam promises you a most divine taste journey, where Persian flavors come together to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

In each spoonful, let yourself be captivated by the sweetness of Mirabelle plums, the subtle taste of pistachios and the exotic note of saffron. A marriage of refined and balanced flavors that will delight your taste buds and awaken your senses.

With an exceptional fruit content of 70g to 80g per 100g of jam, each jar is an explosion of fruity flavors, made with raw ingredients of incomparable quality. Our artisanal jam is a true ode to culinary excellence.

Spread this jam on your toast for a gourmet breakfast, or dare to combine it with your favorite desserts for a touch of fantasy. 

Let yourself be seduced by this symphony of flavors and treat yourself to an incomparable taste experience.


Mirabelle plum (81%), unrefined cane sugar, lemon juice, pistachio, Iranian saffron

Tasting Tips

Our preparations are to be enjoyed at breakfast, but not only.

We recommend integrating them into other tasting moments such as with cheese, as an ingredient in a sauce, in an ice cream, with white meats...

History of the recipe

For Iranians, this mixture is reminiscent of saffron sugar lollipops. Red gold has the particularity of enhancing sweetness. Mirabelle plum, for its part, is rich in candied notes enhanced by saffron, some would even say that this Boteh is close to honey.

Authentic Flavors

Our preparations are made from fruits selected at perfect maturity, thus offering natural and authentic flavors, preserving the freshness and the very essence of the ingredients.

Preparations for all pleasures

Whether you are a fan of classic jams or looking for original creations, our selection is there to amaze your senses. Let yourself be tempted by new tastes, captivating scents and surprising combinations. Immerse yourself in a world of unique flavors and treat yourself to exceptional tasting moments. Maison Boteh, the art of satisfying all culinary curiosities!

A Range for All Taste Buds

We are proud to offer you a varied range of jams, boxes and spices, specially designed to delight all taste buds. From bold blends to authentic flavors, our products offer you a range of delights to satisfy all your gourmet desires.