L’Or Noir Condiment - Iranian black lemon paste
L’Or Noir Condiment - Iranian black lemon paste
L’Or Noir Condiment - Iranian black lemon paste
L’Or Noir Condiment - Iranian black lemon paste


L’Or Noir Condiment - Iranian black lemon paste

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This preparation is a real taste gem made from the famous “Limou Amani Sia” black lime from Shiraz. This exceptional condiment is the result of a unique preparation process, where black lemon is meticulously transformed to reveal powerfully spicy notes.

Each lemon is harvested before maturity, then boiled in salted water to prevent fermentation and strengthen its peel. Then the limou is transported to the desert, where it is buried in hot sand for 3 to 5 weeks. Under the effect of this treatment, the bark takes on a dark color, ranging from brown to black, and hardens until it becomes deliciously brittle. The dry pulp acquires candied nuances, giving this condiment a unique character.

This Boteh restores almost smoky, spicy, acidic, lemony notes. On the palate, the acidity is incisive, the bitterness elegant, with notes of candied citron and almost liquorice touches. 

This characterful product is perfect to enjoy in the following recipes:

  • Sweet: chocolate, chocolate mousse, fruit salad
  • Salted: Duck breasts, foie gras, scallops, langoustines, skirt or steak of beef, root vegetables, mackerel, sardines, sea bass, on an oyster .

Treat yourself to an extraordinary taste experience with this condiment.

Capacity: 120g

To find out more, François-Régis Gaudry on France Inter spoke about black lemon: clickhere


Iranian black lemon, unrefined cane sugar

Tasting Tips

Our preparations are to be enjoyed at breakfast, but not only.

We recommend integrating them into other tasting moments such as with cheese, as an ingredient in a sauce, in an ice cream, with white meats...

History of the recipe

This little lemon is initially a lime, also called Lime. It is boiled in salt water, then cooled in ice water before being buried under the desert sand in Iran. It will stay under the sand for 3 to 5 weeks. Following this process, the lemon dehydrates, turns black and takes on woody, smoky flavors while retaining the acidity and scent of the lemon. It goes very well with seafood, asparagus, and other vegetables with buttery accents. In vinaigrette, as an accompaniment to meat or in sauce. Without forgetting the pastry with fruit or chocolate. You will have understood, the use is limited only by your imagination. The uniqueness of this product lies in its length in the mouth and its multiple notes which progress on your palate.

Authentic Flavors

Our preparations are made from fruits selected at perfect maturity, thus offering natural and authentic flavors, preserving the freshness and the very essence of the ingredients.

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