Discover our story

My adventure begins with my childhood memories, rocked by the culinary know-how of my grandmother and my mother, true magicians of Iranian cuisine. From a young age, I learned to juggle spices, create daring combinations and transform simple ingredients into fragrant feasts.

Arriving in France, I retained my taste for “homemade” and always sought to infuse a touch of creativity into my dishes. My love for floral arrangements also grew, and I opened a flower shop in Paris, seamlessly blending flowers and food into sumptuous bouquets.

This is how the idea of ​​the Botehs came to be. The jams from my childhood, carefully prepared by my mother and grandmother, have found new life in my culinary compositions. Fruits freshly picked from our house in Burgundy, combined with surprising spices and flowers, each pot of Boteh is an invitation to an unforgettable taste journey.

My love for jam continues to grow, and it is with passion that I revisit traditional dishes by incorporating my fragrant creations. 

At Maison Boteh, it is the story of a meeting between two cultures, Iran and France, where flavors blend harmoniously to offer you a unique culinary experience.