Fondateurs Maison Boteh

A Persian family story

At the heart of Maison Boteh are Nasrin and Aindiché Azadharf, a mother-son duo, who have united their culinary passion to create highly refined and fragrant preparations.

The name "Boteh" of their compositions has its origins in the history of ancient Persia, where this term meant "bouquet of flowers". The Boteh Gegheh, for its part, evokes the foliage of a cypress, a conifer emblematic of the Persian Emperors.

The flavor combinations in Maison Boteh's creations are the result of Nasrin's culinary experience, which draws inspiration from Iranian cuisine rich in flavors and floral scents. Growing up with two women renowned for their culinary skills, Nasrin learned to juggle spices from a young age. Preparing jams is also an Iranian tradition that Nasrin has skillfully perpetuated by adding his touch of creativity.

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Photo de confiture avec épices

The search for flavors

Maison Boteh's creations are much more than just jams, as they are made with luxurious spices and premium raw materials from around the world. Nasrin, passionate about cooking and spices, is in constant search of the best raw materials to offer a unique and refined range.

Some of the most exquisite ingredients include Willamette raspberry from Serbia, lychee from Vietnam, rose from Damascus, geranium from Egypt, pistachio from Iran, Maltese orange from Spain, saffron from Iran, the Mirabelle plum from Lorraine, the purple fig from Morocco or Turkey, the Braeburn apple from France, cinnamon from Iran or even black lemon from Iran.

This ongoing search for the highest quality also includes that of the highest transparency. You can learn more at our commitments and our producers.


Craftsmanship and refinement

Maison Boteh’s preparations are completely artisanal and made in small quantities to guarantee optimal quality. The fruits chosen at perfect ripeness and their natural sugar content allow gourmet and, above all, not very sweet combinations.

In short, Maison Boteh's creations are a true homage to the richness of Iranian cuisine and culinary artisanal traditions, while being a refined and subtle taste experience.

Nasrin and Aindiché not only share this know-how through their preparations but also through their recipes< /a> present on this site.